Priscilla Dinamo


Priscilla Dinamo represents the avatar of the contemporary, dynamic and enterprising woman who wants to feel elegant and unique at any time of the day.

Free and always with an optimistic look towards the future, Priscilla loves to take care of herself and the world around her. The garments and accessories she wears reflect her values, fully express her personality and make her feel at ease in any context: self-confident and perfect on any occasion!

Sonia Battistella

Founder – Creative Direction


High Quality

We offer our customers high quality products,  able of combining refined style with refined materials and fine finishes. Attention to quality is also high in our services, in relationships with customers, but also with our partners.

Made in Italy

With our products, designed and manufactured entirely in Italy, we want to bring an elegant, sober and nonconformist style to the world, produced by the excellence of our country’s manufacturing and creativity.


Values we believe in



We create “timeless” products with a look at the future: we pay high attention to the changes in the world around us and we work in the constant search for innovations that lead us to trace and inspire new trends.



We believe in the richness of diversity. We believe that every person should be free to express themself with pride. With our unique and original products, we want to enhance the wearer and help them to better express their personal and unique style in all circumstances.



We believe that everyone has the right to feel good about themselves and with others! Everyone should have freedom of movement when wearing elegant garments, on any occasion and context!



Our planet is the most precious asset we have, and which we can bequeath to future generations. We want to do our part in defending our heritage and spreading a new entrepreneurial culture that is attentive to the environment and society.